Construction of Riga Congress Centre was finished in 1982. Historically house was built for congress and conference purposes to serve the need of communistic party. Architects of the house J. Gertmanis and V. Kadirkovs have made a rich finish by using marble, granite and oak as interior decoration materials. In the center of spatial composition lays a spacious lobby, which with its more than 14 m height optically combines the most important space groups: on the first floor – Great Hall, library and  administration area; on the second  floor - Great Hall balcony, small hall and the auditoriums, and on the third floor - the auditoriums. Due to a big towards the park oriented glazing lobby becomes a significant recreational area.

Originally Riga Congress Centre was called the "House of Political Education." Building halls and the library was only used for the Communist Party ideological purposes.

During the ‘awakening period’ Congress Centre became a place where brave ideas about independence of Latvia began and consolidated. It was the Great Hall of Congress Centre where for the very first time occupation fact of Latvia by Soviet Union was brought out loud to a public. Independence ideas were approved by several creative communities (journalists, writers, etc.) and intelligence meetings held at Congress Centre.

The Congress Centre with its 3 halls, 3 auditoriums, lobby and cafeteria is able to accommodate up to 1500 guests. Within its premises permanent residency have found Riga City Council department of education culture and sports as well as Property development department and few concert and theatre ticket counters.

The main advantage of Riga Congress Centre is its multi functionality. We offer space rental for all kind of events – concerts, theatres, congresses, seminars, meetings, movies, exhibitions and corporate events.

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